Margin Campaigns.


The upcoming race for the Second Congressional District gets more interesting by the day. The latest entry to this western district is Concord Firefighter and Democratic State Representative John Dejoie.

I think this is a margin campaign.

There are already other candidates and capital in this race that will far outpace anything that is proposed or brought forward by Mr. Dejoie.  For starters I’m having a hard time visualizing Mr. Dejoie even visiting Coos County and making any type of coherent political statement about how things could be better. And he would have to say something. Because he is a democrat and pulling a journalist Jennifer Horn attack on the incumbent isn’t an option.

Coos County is one part of the second congressional district. There are others.

The fires glow in the distance.

Hanover. A place I’d term the intellectual capital and the region of ideas. Strong democratic base that I think is more or less moving decisively southward into places like Claremont. Again does a Concord Firefighter and State Representative do well against campaigns like Kuster or possibly a Swett entry into this race?

This would require defeating not one but two well capitalized campaigns.

I think Mr. Dejoie would need something powerful to make this happen.

Source: Wumpscut-Wreath of Barbs.