Ayotte Asks For Money


During Thanksgiving I picked up my mail from the post office. And in my box was a letter labeled in grey and blue Kelly Ayotte 101 Charles Street in Manchester.

I usually don’t waste much time with form letters. First, they’re often hard to read for example several years ago I got a form letter from Republican candidate Jeb Bradley asking for money. The whole letter was underlined and exclaimed! There wasn’t much substance to begin with but after all the underlining I gave up.

This Ayotte letter is a little bit better than this but not by much. The former Attorney General calls herself a fiscal conservative and relies on a beltway attack to convince readers to send some money. “Over the past 11 months we have been under siege by the extreme leftists in Washington. Leading the way on their high-taxing, government-growing agenda is Congressman Paul Hodes and his friends Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.” Ayotte says.

I’d feel a lot better if the former Attorney General would talk about real issues that face New Hampshire before asking for campaign contributions. Beyond this I think Ayotte should also explain exactly what her strategy would be if elected to this position. If I’m ever given the chance I’ll ask Ms. Ayotte what her position is on Coos County and how the situation could be improved in this area of New Hampshire.

But Ayotte does do one thing in this letter which I think is very credible. “Just this year, as our state government was facing budget shortfalls and layoffs, I declined a pay raise I was scheduled to receive.” Then in bold she says, “While this was not personally beneficial, it was the right thing to do for New Hampshire.”

Declining a pay raise is one thing, but why the bold?