Just Do It.


It’s a freezing cold December morning.

I’m down here at Border’s in Concord its really busy here today. The place is filled with yuppies trying to figure out how to sell things to each other or which consultant should be hired. Sitting right behind me is a young attractive female with long dark hair and beautiful eyes talking on a cellphone and whose use of words consists of: exactly, really and omg! Think Britney Spears omg! Then her boyfriend calls, or at least I'm guessing its her boyfriend, and she starts immediately questioning why he hasn't come to pick her up. She closes out the conversation, if you could call it this, with love you. And thus leaving me wondering if her words of love are sincere or just the new world order replacement for good bye. 

Times they are a changin.

In any case the new year approaches and I like many people will make a new year’s resolution. This year I’ve decided that in my case it’s going to be to just do it. In many cases I think New Year’s resolutions are like NH political campaigns. Often very good ideas and direction for the future, but ultimately these turn out to be promises that are made and promises that are broken.

Have you ever broken a New Year’s resolution?

I’ve come to my new year’s resolution thought an experience I had at the Pilot Travel Center in Pittston, PA in August when I found myself standing near a Donkey Kong video game in a real quandary of whether I should play it or not. I’m on vacation on my way to the Sands Bethworks Casino in Bethlehem and later Atlantic City, N.J. so I’m thinking that this is my favorite video game of all time and playing it would be most awesome.

Of course this isn’t how it worked out.

Then my mind starts over analyzing and I’m actually thinking about the consequences. Imagine what individuals might think of me playing some video game trying to stop some stupid ape. And then using a joystick to get the main character named Mario to jump over barrels to rescue some damsel in distress whose name I don’t even know. Get a life. And now I regret not playing Donkey Kong at the Pilot. I really do.

Just do it.

I should have just played Donkey Kong. Hopefully my New Year’s resolution will help me with this. My decision not to play was the only thing here that was stupid. If anyone has an issue with me playing Donkey Kong who the fuck are they? Maybe some of the people surrounding me now at Borders would have said something but my guess is that they wouldn’t, too self centered and self absorbed and the general attitude that me comes first.

I think some NH politicians act like this too.  Really.


Source: Grab some gears via UTUBE.