Cannon Mountain Snow Guns.


It’s just before the ski season and Cannon Mountain looks really good this year. Some other developments may make this the best ski season ever.

Recently I was driving north on the Franconia Notch Parkway and noticed the fairly substantial snow bases on both Gary’s and Paulies Folly. And then I saw them the active and firing snow guns and the streams of white haze blowing like mist over the trails. It was a really nice fall day. Blue skies and white clouds all around. This to me is the closest scene NH comes to being like in Colorado although Crawford Notch offers a scene much similar to this one.

In any case I decided to stop at the old route 3 bridge which has a nice views of Mount Lafayette and the valleys leading up to nearby Franconia and later Littleton. The parking area next to has a bust in tribute to former Governor Hugh Gallen. I don’t know if this iron head fits here or not but good or bad its’ there. And getting on the bridge was a matter all in itself. The entire deck was encrusted in white ice so I hung onto the guardrail with a death grip and walked towards the viewing area. It took me a good 7-8 minutes and as I arrived at the viewing area a stiff, cold wind blasted down from Lafayette as I’m thinking about the quote Pat Buchanan said when he was campaigning for President here in New Hampshire.

“It took us a long time to get here but we finally made it.”

I made it and I think the view of Mount Lafayette from this bridge is really worth it!

So back to Cannon Mountain I think it’s good that there is this base now for at least two reasons. First once frozen the conditions with this existing base will be awesome and since this established base exists the resources of manpower, snow guns and strategy will be able to be shifted to others areas of the mountain including the real prize, Mittersil. It is my understanding from press reports like the Littleton Courier Newspaper that construction of the new lift serving Mittersil is progressing and I think in the long run that when Mittersil comes online for skiing this will only enhance the potential of Cannon as a destination ski area. I’m looking forward to my sharply tuned Rossignol Bandit XXs cranking at Mach I down down Barron’s Run.

Having a existing base like this this early in the year also means something else. Great spring skiing!!!

This will be awesome.  Maybe even better than Vail.