Why are they stalling?


According to a report that appears in the Concord Monitor the New Hampshire Gaming Study Commission is considering its draft interim report. My take from what was reported.

Stall for time.

I’m not going to waste your time and mine by cutting and pasting intellectual quotes from Lew Feldstein about what the Gaming Study Commission is doing. I’ll give Mr. Feldstein some credit at least he didn’t beat his drums talking about social capital and all that casinos would do to families in New Hampshire.

The commission did do one thing however, which I think is quality. They recognized that the casinos in Connecticut face a challenging future. They do face a challenging future for the simple reason that these casinos are being forced to shift from a monopolistic business model to straight competition. Competition in any market is always good. I’ve written on this very board what is happening in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania including the cashflow and taxbase that is being generated in that state. Pennsylvania is competition against Connecticut I think the Sands Bethworks Casino as an example offers more for the customer than does Connecticut. I’ll make the same argument for Atlantic City.

The Commission also brought up some of the regulatory challenges that would face New Hampshire if expanded casino gaming were passed into law. I don’t know why they are even considering this. It would be impossible to introduce a multi million dollar industry into the granite state without some type of restructuring and greater state enforcement. This is known. The Attorney General has considered this in every fiscal note that has been introduced to the General Court.

Stall for time.

Massachusetts is reportedly seriously considering allowing casinos in three locations. I’ve read in the Boston Globe newspaper that the Mass. Legislature will consider this in January. I’m going to speculate that at least one of these casinos will get through this time. I’m hoping that it would be on the north shore places like Lowell, Lawrence or Haverhill or possibly a racino at Suffolk Downs. And I think the New Hampshire Gaming Study Commission is stalling for time because they want to see what will happen in Massachusetts.

Regardless of what happens in Massachusetts I think New Hampshire could still have expanded casino gaming and have it be very successful in the state. I envision New Hampshire becoming like Reno, Nevada with higher end casinos and tourist destinations that already exist here.

If anyone should be worried about expanded casino gaming in Massachusetts and New Hampshire it is tourism officials in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Expanded casino gaming in New Hampshire would bring in millions of dollars in revenue and needed taxbase for this state.