WMUR Said It - It Must Be True


Hello NH Insiders!

I’ll start by wishing you all a great Happy New Year!!!! 

I’m down here at Borders in Concord now. It’s snowing pretty good and to my surprise the atmosphere in here is really subdued. Neither Britney Spears or Paris Hilton and their wonderful personalities appear to be here which to me is good. Maybe they’re at home playing with the toys Santa brought tis the holiday season. In any case there isn’t a lot of type A, me first people here either, those that are here are reading or shopping quietly. Awesome.

Last night I saw a report on WMUR that Grafton County is the sixth best place to live in America. Is this amazing or what?

The scripted report showed or started with the Hanover area with all its intellectual success. The whole scene just looked like prosperity. Though they didn’t interview any of the Dartmouth Trustees in charge of the investment portfolios that have lost millions of dollars on the markets, they also didn’t say that business startup Mascoma Corp. has an interesting four year history and who is paying for the 70 plus jobs that have been created there. I’m now imagining the people that will move from areas across this great republic to the upper valley to find prosperity and jobs in the sixth best place to live and what they will find for housing and at what price. And it doesn’t get much better than this! Next they went up to Littleton they talked about the lack of empty storefronts. Prosperity. Right. How many business people own the buildings up and down Main Street in Littleton? I was waiting for WMUR to say main street is the site of the “World’s Largest Candy Counter!” Did you know this? It’s called Chatter’s. Excuse me it’s Chutter’s. Well they didn’t say it anyways, they moved on to Lincoln and Plymouth instead. There is a new timeshare development in Lincoln which I’m thinking is good what else would be in Lincoln if there weren’t Massachusetts based tourism.

What would there be in Lincoln? I still can’t believe the prices charged for gasoline in this town.

Then the WMUR closed it out with Plymouth. I‘m understanding enrollment is way down at Plymouth State University;  guess tuition is a bit high for some of the quality ranking, education and parties that occur here. I’m expecting to see a smiling, well spoken President and Dr. Sara Jane Steen say something really prolific, visionary and most of all appropriate. PSU has done a lot in recent times, like the Silver Cultural Arts Center and the new hockey center right across the river. Guess it's going to be heated by geothermal sources that were drilled deep into the bedrock. Quite a project indeed.  

But she never appeared.