Wasting Oxygen.


An article that appeared in the Union Leader that I think was so poorly written I couldn’t finish it. The pot was literally boiling over with drivel.  It was probably consuming valuable oxygen as well.

Robin Comstock: Manchester-area businesses support commuter rail.

Hear that sound, New Hampshire? Opportunity is knocking in the form of restoring passenger rail service along the NH Capitol Corridor.”


If this were the case then where is the public grassroots support? I’ll answer this question, there isn’t any. Like I said I stopped reading the article as soon as the PR horns started tooting about the NH Rail Transit Authority, and the volunteer work that they are doing.

And what exactly have former Senator Burling and his volunteers accomplished Ms. Comstock? I think the words absolutely nothing fits in quite well here.

Rather than PR drivel if Ms. Comstock were really serious about commuter rail in New Hampshire she would consider the massive amt. of capital that would be required and be able to produce real analysis about exactly how many individuals would use this service on a daily basis and exactly where the taxbase and economic development will occur. Notice she doesn’t do this. Instead she points to some study that will be released later this winter. As if this study is going to change the dynamics of anything.

More press releases though.

In a recent interview with the Hippo Newspaper, the Mayor-Elect of Manchester does a great job answering the question of NH passenger rail.

He questions how it will be paid for.  


Source: CARB Interview on the TruckerTwotimes show. via UTUBE.