The Video Game Mentality.


During a challenging day at work I try to think about positive things. NH politics, policy and my most excellent roadtrips often come to the forefront of these thoughts. In August, I had a great trip across eastern Canada and then south to Atlantic City, New Jersey.

My venture began in the early morning hours heading west from Montreal along 401 my Garmin 260 GPS indicating that I’m right alongside the St. Lawrence Seaway heading southwest so I figured this would be a good road. It wasn’t. Instead, it was a car trip past strip malls, signs, cluster buildings and boring housing and apartment complexes until the roadway fortunately became a full fledged divided interstate to Toronto. I saw the St. Lawrence once, and it was at a distance. A short time later I crossed over to the United States just south of Alexandria Bay, cleared U.S. Customs and then headed south on Interstate 81 towards Syracuse, New York. But my story isn’t here, it would start along I-81 approaching the New York/ Pennsylvania border and it was awesome.

The best way I can describe the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, at least the natural environment is a mid way point between New Hampshire and Colorado with similarities from both of these states. By now I’m cranking through the Allegheny Mountains to the alternative tunes of Massiv in Menche and come up on a fairly good sized tunnel which instantly reminds me of the tunnels and mountains of Colorado like what exists just east of Glenwood Springs on I-70 on the road to Vail. I’m thinking that this is really awesome. I’m rolling through the tunnel in eastern Pennsylvania but my mind is in Colorado. I think it hard to be in Colorado and not become an environmentalist, or at least have a greater appreciation for the environment. Snow capped mountains, blue skies, fast moving streams and similar to the words and the attitude behind the actor Mark Harmon when he does the Coors Beer commercial.

I’m moving southward the RPMs on my 2009 Subaru Legacy holding steady with not much information on the Garmin. There is a sign for a Lackawanna coal mine tour or at least something like this. My thoughts are for the coal miners.

By now I-81 is now I-476 and I’m just south of Scranton the day is quickly turning to night and I’m running dangerously low on fuel and starving. I’m actually in Pittston and stop at a Pilot Travel Center to fuel.

To Be Continued…..