The Video Game Mentality, Part II


So I’m here at the Pilot Travel Center in Pittston, PA devouring a Subway tuna fish salad sandwich and then I go and stand in line to purchase fuel for my Legacy. Right in front of me there is a man wearing a Texas cowboy hat and a black tee shirt with a logo on the back of a ferocious and angry looking bald eagle followed by the Harley Davidson Motorcycle insignia and the words below in renaissance font Sturgis 2008.  I’m thinking about the meaning of the word Sturgis, as the man turns his head slightly and says “There’s only one way into this fuckin pilot and only one way out.” I think he has a valid point here. And by now I’m thinking that Sturgis means Sturgis, South Dakota and the site of a yearly motorcycle rally similar to what is done in Laconia.

I like the Pilot Travel Centers they’re clean, efficient and have everything a driver needs. After paying the $22.00 for Pump #8 I decide to walk around a bit before fueling and heading south on I-81 to Bethlehem. Near the checkouts they had an interesting display of shiny Cobra CB radios and a few GPS units one of which I believe was a Garmin the 1350T.  Insofar as GPS units are concerned I think the Garmin’s are much better than the Magellans or the Tom Toms and the reasons are all tactical: graphics, maps, voice controls, etc. Garmin got its start in developing global positioning systems for the maritime industry; their entry into ground based navigation is relatively new. I’m looking forward to the day when weather, road conditions appear on GPS units this will make the driving experience that much better. So I continue on I’m walking past the payphones, showers and several video games alongside a running washer and dryer. And I saw something that I haven’t seen in a very long time.

Donkey Kong.

That’s right. Circa 1980s where the objective of this video game is for a small character named Mario to rescue a pretty damsel in distress from the clutches of a big bad ape. Mario has to jump over barrels and leap from fast moving elevators to do this rescue. I used to love this game. It rocks! And for whatever its worth, which probably isn’t worth much I think Donkey Kong though dated is still better than most of the video games popular today such as Grand Theft Auto with a storyline line of drugs, crime, punks, sex and urban trash.

So I’m in the Pilot Travel Center in Pittston, PA faced with a question which is more like a quandary on this August day.

Should I play Donkey Kong?

To Be Continued…