Political Choices.

  I'm here at Sharky's Poker room in Manchester. I've just busted out of the 6:00 pm $10 no-limit tournament. I shoved all in $2200.00 with an unsuited K-J; other than the Q-10 a hand that easily qualifies as one of the worst hands in the game of poker. And it showed. I was soundly defeated by a deep stack simply calling my bet and hitting a really nice flush right from the flop. I had to bet that K-J because there was no choice.

  There was no choice. After at least 15 hands of absolute trash Q-3 offsuit, 9-3 offsuit, etc. it was either bet this king or be blinded out as the blinds were moving rapidly from 300/600 to 500/800 and not soon after the stack depleting 1000/1500. Hence my immediate need for strategy and respect for the time value of money! I made a choice and I lost, but right now I'm thinking about other choices.... 

  Political choices. A recent edition of the small newspaper NH Business features a front page story by Jeff Woodburn about the possibility of gaming in northern New Hampshire and more particularly, the possible role of the three grand hotels if this legislation were to be passed. I don't agree with most of the article and especially how the issue was portrayed but my arguments don't matter. What does matter is a quote from Senator John Gallus.

  "Some type of gaming legislation will pass this session."

  Political Choices. Assume Sen. Gallus is correct. Assume casino legislation like S.B. 179 passes the Senate and later the House and now the bill now goes to Governor Lynch. The cards have been dealt. What kind of choice does Governor Lynch make? In New Hampshire the deficit and blinds are increasing so what kind of strategy does the popular three term governor pursue?

  The Woodburn article discussed gaming licenses. I hope that if legislation like S.B 179 does pass and is signed that New Hampshire makes the licenses very expensive. This would force the casino operator to take a hard look at economic viability and give the state needed up front capital that could be used to address some of the "social capital" concerns that continue to be an argument against passing legislation like S.B. 179.

  I'm leaving Sharky's in a few minutes the place is fairly busy 30-45 players. I'm told Sharky's has opened a new cardroom at the Best Western in Keene. Its open on weekends now. I'm going to check it out this weekend. Hopefully, I'll get a suited big slick right on the flop call the bet and send a few players to the rail, I'm due for some good hands.

  And so isn't New Hampshire.