Creating jobs in NH whatever do you mean?

Sands BethWorks Casino

This is an artist's rendering of the soon to be opened Sands Bethworks Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania directly on the site of the former Bethlehem Steel Corporation. I've spent some time researching this whole project, and from an economic development standpoint the concept definitely leads somewhere.

- 1825 new jobs.

- Existing industries in the region are not only enhanced by the presence of this new casino but according to at least one article I've read, there is pressure to increase wages, benefits to retain quality workers.

- A local community college is designing a curriculum and course(s) around the business model and operation(s) of the Sands Bethworks. More education, more prosperity.

- Greater regional taxbase will lead to more reinvestment in the community. This is certainly better than an abandoned, rusting steel mill.

Here is a link to a story that appears in the titled: A safe bet. Sands Bethworks Casino likely to be a top employer. By Matt Assad.,0,2962578.story

I think this is a quality, realistic argument on why casino gaming should be passed by the NH Legislature this session. And the creation of jobs, economic development and a better future for New Hampshire. 

The director of the New Hampshire Chairitible foundation talks about "social capital" as a reason to kill the casino legislation, yet not once have I seen him or any other opponent of this legislation make any type of statement about creating jobs and economic development for New Hampshire.

Social capital.