Gambling in Keene.

Today was a great day. I decided to head down Interstate 91 to see the new facilities at the Hampton Inn.

The sign right below the main Hampton Inn marquee says it all: Sharky's Poker and Casino.

The place is nice. I counted 9 tables for Texas Holdem. 1 table for three card poker and the Roulette Wheel. And if today's business was any indication I think this poker room and "casino" will be successful. The Roulette wheel was busy with at least five players and of the Texas Holdem 6 of  the 9 tables were being used (60 players). 

It appears to me that Sharky's Poker Room and Casino fits right in with the atmosphere of the Hampton Inn and the many commercial enterprises that are in this immediate area. I think this is a better location than its prior location, the racetrack in Hinsdale. Its easier to get to and there are more ancillary services available than the 20th century racetrack that recently closed for good. 

On my ride down the Connecticut River Valley I thought about the economic differences between New Hampshire and Vermont.  New Hampshire is clearly the place of business and economic activity, with this new casino as an example. 

While Vermont is.....