Are you hungry?

Recently picked up a flyer at my local corner market sponsored by Plymouth State University.

Re-Localization of Rural Food Networks Research Project.

"This is a research initiative of the Center for Rural Partnerships at Plymouth State University. The purpose of this project is to examine food insecurity and local food issues in Grafton County, New Hampshire. Rural residents face a unique set of barriers when accessing food. We are collecting the viewpoints and opinions of Grafton County residents to better understand the food insecurity they face."

The contact here is: Mr. Jesse McEntee, (603)-535-3275

 I don't agree that Grafton County residents face a "unique set of barriers when accessing food." If anything I think Grafton County residents have the best of both worlds. Existence of retail and industrial food on the I-93 corridor, and the continuing interest in local and organic based food production. I'm not aware of any Grafton County resident that is starving due to the lack of food.

I'd also question the long-term value and expense of a study like this. What exactly is the role of PSU and more specifically, their financial contribution?

I'm not opposed to analysis into issues such as food production, I'm currently reading The Ominvore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan which is a fascinating survey about where food comes from and why. I think if PSU and Mr. McEntee wanted to study something it would compare food and farming in New Hampshire and Vermont and use a comparative approach to consider local food production and its role in the future.