Amtrak ACES and Tourism.

 In early February Amtrak started a new service between New York City and Atlantic City, New Jersey. Its called the Atlantic City Express Services or ACES.

This is a photo of the train.

I hope this new service will be successful. In addition to building the tourism and gaming base for Atlantic City I think this is quality transportation policy. This new service will run on the weekends and also has a stop in Newark, N.J. The costs of the roundtrip service is $100.00 for coach and $150.00 for first class.  

New Hampshire could do this too.

The trains already exist, both the Amtrak Downeaster and The Vermonter could be used to bring tourism and gaming revenue (legislation needs to be passed) into New Hampshire creating taxbase, jobs and economic development.

Further information about the Amtrak ACES can be found at