Keyboard commandos.

Failed congressional candidate Jennifer Horn has apparently returned to her former venue as radio talk show host. The Telegraph of Nashua is reporting that "On the Air with Jennifer Horn." will be broadcasting from 10-12 Monday through Friday on 1590 WMSN.

I'm not sure if the 1590 WMSN airwaves will reach across the length and distance of the NH Second Congressional District, but I think if the performance of Ms. Horn during the primary and later the general is any indication "On the Air with Jennifer Horn" can be described by one word.


1590 WMSN probably doesn't reach into Coos County. Even if it did I'm confident the 1200 plus unemployed papermakers and their families wouldn't spend much time listening to Ms. Horn. These are the same papermakers and residents of Coos County that handed about a 62% voting margin to Senator Jeanne Shaheen against former Senator John E. Sununu.

Perhaps Ham radio operators might increase the signal of the message?

And exactly what message is this? I don't recall Ms. Horn ever taking any type of position on economic development or jobs in northern New Hampshire. I don't recall Ms. Horn ever discussing an industry that has existed in New Hampshire since the 1879. Yet somehow Jennifer Horn, a candidate that has never served in elected office had time to attack incumbent Congressman Paul Hodes and issue numerous press releases outlining things like local chairs and advisory committees for her political campaign.

Like any of this is going to lead somewhere. It isn't.