I-93 and the middle finger.


Saw a scene today which I think demonstrates the clear erosion of respect for the peace and dignity of New Hampshire.

I-93 southbound starting from exit 26 in Plymouth. I set my cruise control at 65 MPH which according to NH state law is basic rule and maximum limits.

And guess what happened. I was basically run over. I'd expect this type of behavior south of Concord and certainly towards the Massachusetts border but I've never experienced this type of driving attitude north of Concord. So in response I started looking at license plates and demographic profiles. Out of ten cars that flew by me at speeds of 72 and higher I'd say there were 2-3 from Massachusetts and Quebec so I'll discount both of these groups as bad habits that have been brought to New Hampshire. The rest of the plates were all from New Hampshire. And of the seven I'll put four of the drivers as being female in the 20-35 age group all were talking on cell phones. The remaining three I'll put as males ages 25-45 one was a professional driving a brand new Saab and there was at least one pickup truck with a veteran license plate.  The scene coming northbound was about the same except there were markedly more Massachusetts plates which were driving all the faster.

Why are these people driving so fast?

I'll tell you why. Because they made the choice to eithier ignore or respect state law.

Beyond this they might be be saying, "Fuck you New Hampshire I'll do whatever I want!."

I think this is what they are saying. Is this an acceptable behavior? I wondered how many of the females blowing past me in their mini vans and Mazda 6s could name the two Congressman from New Hampshire and more importantly would they even care?

I'm confident nothing will be done. I'm confident there will be a nice accident involving the loss of life with images ablazing on WMUR and the New Hampshire Union Leader. I'm confident NH Highway Safety Director Peter Thompson will have a press conference advising people to slow down. As if he has any real crudentials or real life experience to advise people how to drive.  

Then as the accident clears the speed on I-93 increases once again. And similar to the Thompson press conference, the drivers forget the scene five seconds after they've seen it. The middle finger on I-93 will prevail against all else.

I don't know where all of this ends but I don't think it ends well.

The Democrats are in control.