It moves to the House.


The State Senate has passed the gaming legislation. Now it moves to the house. Notice on WMUR the only people who were interviewed about this legislation were Sen. Dellasandro and former Senator Rubens who suggested the Senate is controlled by the gaming interests. Or his remarks were at least to this effect.

Is this objective reporting?  A 16-8 vote on a multi million dollar piece of legislation and this is who WMUR chooses to interview about this legislation.

I'm a supporter of casino gaming in New Hampshire. I believe that gaming would add revenue, taxbase, investment and jobs to the state's largest industry and that this investment would lead towards greater economic prosperity statewide. It's being done in other areas. At the end of May the Sands Bethworks Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania opened. A former historic and derelict steel mill transformed into jobs and economic development. Niagara Falls, New York a heavy tourist area with casinos on both sides of the falls. Again an argument of what could be done when tourism and gaming are zoned together.

Please contact your State Representative and ask them to support this legislation.

Something like this could be done in New Hampshire. And it would be successful!


Source: Steve Wynn interview about casino development (Encore).