It was a heck of a party.


  The Christmas Farm Inn in Jackson has been sold. This is the resort property that was once owned by former Representative Bill Zelliff. While he was in politics every July he would have a really neat party called Christmas in July. I used to go to it.

  They had a great band, good food and politicos from everywhere would be there. The greatest experience I ever had at this event was the year Senator Bob Dole was the Republican candidate for President. Its a beautiful mountain day, the music is playing the conversation is cordial and upbeat and I looked up in the sky and a most impressive, white and elegant looking helicopter approaches from the south. It was the candidate himself.

  Day is turning into night as the helicopter lands, the music is still playing and the party is still going on, I saw what I thought to be the next President of the United States exit and head towards the mass of people I'd guess around 250-300. The helicopter quickly lifts off and heads south again.

  I guess with a perception and a scene like this I expected some powerful if not life altering event (likely a speech) would happen; I'm a strong supporter of Senator Dole so I was hoping the words would be a strategic, decisive and powerful as the aircraft that just took off.  

  That didn't happen. Instead Senator Dole just came to the party and said hi to everyone that happened to be around him. No speeches and no policy. And interestingly, as I would later learn there wasn't any press there either.

  Just a great Christmas in July party at the Christmas Farm Inn in Jackson.

  I've never seen a party like this in New Hampshire.  Times have changed.