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Had a challenging day at the office today. Decided to do some blogging about an issue that I read in the Union Leader which has all the dynamics of politics but for whatever the reason I can't understand either the purpose of what clearly has to be an agenda.

The article, which appeared during the past week was about a NH Air National Guard member who upon returning from his tour in Kuwait found out that he lost his job with the NH Department of Corrections. The article went on to discuss the dynamics of this whole situation including a statement from Governor Lynch who apparently called this situation "unfortunate."

Really. Exactly. Absolutely. Unfortunately.

Powerful Words.

In this state budget cycle how many state employees are either going to lose their jobs, face reduced hours and worse yet, actually see career development and promotions. Nada. And why would Governor Lynch term this one particular layoff, unfortunate?

What about the other state employees that will lose their jobs?

Is this unfortunate? The Union Leader article for reasons I don't understand went on to discuss the now failed casino gaming initiative. This is the same newspaper that slammed the proposals and legislation from the onset but now reports it along with the unemployed state employee.

So what is the real agenda here? I think the question I'm left with is if this publicity will help the state employee get his job back? And is this fair to every other NH state employee that faces the pink slip or at the very least an environment that is characterized by one word: anxiety.

As for Governor Lynch and his media statements about laid off state employees the question I'd ask his office is if it is unfortunate that New Hampshire couldn't capture either good policy or at least consider the future by what was proposed in the casino gaming legislation.

I don't know the answer to these questions. I'm also not planning on being in American Idol anytime soon either.

Source: 593 Films.