The Stacked Deck Commission.


This is a cut and paste that I took off the WMUR website. When I first read it I thought New Hampshire is moving in the right direction! Then I read the list of member(s) that are going to be on this Commission. I'll start.

Why does Law Enforcement need to be on this Commission? Crime does go up with expanded gaming-- this is known and of course the law enforcement members on this commission are going to state this.

I do not know Andrew Lietz but what exactly are his qualifications to either direct a Commission or even study whether expanded gaming should be allowed in New Hampshire?

Social service agencies and local government- I'm just imagining what these individuals might say.

What else? The business community. Who?

If Governor Lynch is opposed to expanded gaming then why is even creating this Commission? Why not just kill the whole idea and be done with it. Or perhaps that is what this really is.

I think this is a stacked deck designed to relieve the political pressure from the lobbyists during the last legislative session. I don't think this issue needs to be studied any further.

Hopefully, the next elections will be a referendum of what issues to support and the candidates that support the issues and the positions of what New Hampshire citizens want.

I don't think New Hampshire residents want more and higher taxes, and casino gaming could fit in very well with the tourism business model in New Hampshire.  If it were my choice for Chairman of this Commission, which it isn't, I'd nominate Steve Wynn.

If it were done correctly I think expanded gaming could bring millions of dollars of economic development, taxbase and jobs into New Hampshire and fit in well with the tourism economy that now defines New Hampshire.  This would be a business model to study.

I think this Commission is a stacked deck.

In New Hampshire the next election is never more than two years away.


Source: WMUR website.

"Gov. John Lynch has issued an executive order creating a 15-member Gaming Study Commission to conduct a review of various models for expanded gaming in New Hampshire.

 The order directs the commission to undertake a thorough and comprehensive review of various models for expanded gaming and their potential to generate state revenues, as well as an assessment of the social, economic and public safety impacts of gaming options on the quality of life in New Hampshire.

 Membership will include public members and representatives of the Legislature, law enforcement, the business and tourism communities, local government, labor and social service organizations.

 It will be headed by Andrew Lietz, former president and chief executive officer of the Hadco Corp. from 1995 to 2000."