The Survey Idea.


Well it looks as if my vacation has or will be approved. I'm most pleased about this. I've decided that I'm going to do a survey around gaming ah er gambling establishments here in the Northeast. I'm planning on playing some aggressive Texas Holdem, do some scene blogging about the casinos, the games and the players. And finally have at least a look from a tourist's perspective about the presence of the casinos in the area in direct relationship with economic development and overall job creation. I got this idea from the recent Commission created by Gov. Lynch relative to casino gaming. I wonder how much time this "commission" is going to spend actually studing economic development issues along with its charge of studing social models, as if the later hasn't already been beaten to death.

My starting place will likely be the Turning Stone Casino in New York. From there I'm headed south to the recently opened Sands Bethworks Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a former steel mill turned slots machine and in the future a destination resort. I'm really curious as to if the presence of the casino is helping a depressed region turn the page into the future. From there it might be to Wilmington, Delaware which recently allowed slot machines at Delaware Downs Racetrack; I haven't been to this racetrack but the website seems to suggest a more upscale clientele than what exists at just a straight slots parlor or simulcast facility. I'll see. Then its down the Garden State Parkway to Atlantic City. I'll start at the Amtrak station with the arrival of the newly started Amtrak Aces train operating from New York City and Trenton. I'm reading in various poker magazines that the poker scene, even with the economy is still very vibrant and active.

Stay tuned for more....

Source: 593 Films.