Money For The Campaign


At least from the surface it appears the Republican Senate race will be one to watch. Reading yesterday in the Union Leader about the supposed political pressure for Ovide Lamontagne to get out of the way for former Attorney General Ayotte to run a campaign against Congressman Paul Hodes.

The article stated that the Lamontagne would "have difficulty raising money." But it didn't say why it would be difficult. I interpreted this to mean "if the party establishment doesn't support you the money won't follow." I could only think of one thing after I read this.

Sen. Joe Kenney for Governor.

Is money really the deciding issue in this Republican primary? I think Atty. Lamontagne has the ability and will do a better job in campaigning and meeting with voters versus the former Attorney General who as of yet hasn't made any real substantive statements about real issues.  I remember when Mr. Lamontagne ran for Governor and appeared at local grassroots functions like parades, barbecues, etc. he did a quality job actually listening to the voters and unless the gears have shifted I can't see the former Attorney General really doing this. Apparently, she does have some well qualified political consultants in her campaign, this might make a difference. But beyond the effectiveness of grassroots politics I'll come back to the money questions.

Do ad buys purchase this race?

Does the party leadership get their candidate regardless of the candidates themselves?

The economic environment in New Hampshire is a challenging one. Are the voters ultimately going to listen to WMUR or a candidate that has a quality campaign? I hope that Atty. Lamontagne does run for this Senate seat if for no other reason than to force Ayotte to take a position on the issues instead of just a free ticket.