Talk Through The Thruway


I'm here at the Dewitt Service area right off the New York Thruway in Syracuse, New York. Last night I was in Montreal. I started my brief time through the city by visiting the Montreal Casino. But before I even got to the casino I saw something in the harbor and in the seaway that really piqued my interest. A fair amt. of Chinese ships that were both docked and unloading product right there at the harbor. I figured these would have to be broker loads from destinations other than China because it makes no sense to bring these ships directly from China--especially when freight rates from ports like Vancouver and British Columbia will likely be lower than moving these vessels through the Panama Canal and up the East Coast.

Montreal Casino. Not much new to report here. Lots of slot machines in operation. The whole atriumed facility was polished, as usual. The only new item I can report is the Pavilion which seems more like and annex to the main casino. This location host the 8 dealer run Texas Holdem tables in addition to the 8 electronic Poker Tech tables in another room. The pavillion has a brand new lighted bar and is surrounded by large HDTVs which were playing Tiger Woods. I'm not a golf follower so I can't report what tournament this was. I didn't play any Texas Holdem on this day, it seemed the players were spending more time talking than actually playing cards. It looked strange to me so I ruled out playing. After all this is gambling. The electronic poker tables were all vacant.

After leaving the casino I ventured over to Crescent Street and for lack of better words to known Rue St. Katherine's Street. The Hard Rock Cafe was packed and expensive, same thing for the Irish place directly across the street. I did find a cigar bar overlooking the whole square. Its adjacent to the Hard Rock building they have reasonable prices, good music. Also in this block in a Winston Churchill cafe which looks pretty good. I looked at their menu briefly there wasn't anything listed under $11.95 Canadian.

Well I'm headed over to the Turning Stone.