Red Square in Atlantic City.


Red square in Atlantic City. That's right I'm here in the Tropicana Casino near a restaurant/bar called Red Square. Its complete with a statue of Vladmir Lenin at the entrance. The interior is equally Bolshevik featuring murals depicting workers and the red hammer sickle.

Its an interesting place.

Before I start talking about Atlantic City and what I'm finding here I wanted to talk about the Sands Bethworks Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where I just came from. It was my intention to post an entry about the Sands Bethworks before Atlantic City however, during the course of my visit to this casino I had the opportunity to capture some images with my digital camera of not only the historic mill but what I feel is its transformation into the a part of this adventure I spent some time up on the roof of the parking garage having a discussion with some of the former steel mill workers and gained what I think is some powerful insight into this area and what it is all about. Finally I spent some time on the east side of the Lehigh River into what I'll term is the social and intellectual capital of Bethlehem. The Main Street. And the contrast between the rich and the poor. I haven't figured out how to post images to NH Insider from a digital camera but when I do I think you'll find Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to be an interesting place and perhaps a reason why casino gaming should be passed in New Hampshire.

Atlantic City, New Jersey. I arrived last night to my favorite casino the AC Hilton on south end of the Boardwalk. Instantly, I knew that change was apparent. Namely, the poker room has closed. In its place, an asian Pai Gow parlor has been installed including a high limit area I'm finding the similar situation in every casino on the boardwalk. Texas Holdem has either disappeared or been replaced by Pai Gow or Baccarat the later I understand, is mainly a game that is enjoyed by asian clientele.  

Change. I'm thinking that this could make sense.  U.S. capital is finding its way into asian markets these days so this is where the market is.  From walking around AC I don't get much of a sense of whether business is up or down. The restraunts seem full the tourists seem to be happy. The tour busses continue to arrive every hour.  I spotted the construction of new casino over in the vicinity of the Borgata and Harrah's. I'm not even going to attempt the pronunciation of the name. I've asked some of the dealers in the casinos if they know what this casino is. All I've got at this point in time is that plans to finish and open the casino are not complete and that the workers are putting the windows in the superstructure "who knows what could happen." one dealer said. I asked who the developer was for the property in a credit challenged market "Its Morgan Stanley or an Investment Bank." said another dealer.

I'm headed over to the Amtrak station to hopefully see the Amtrak ACES train operating from New York City and Philadelphia.