Boardwalk kitties.


I’m here on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Its really hot but the sun is going down into the blue waters of the Atlantic as darkness approaches the area. I’m over by Caesar’s Palace one of the few boardwalk casinos that still has an active poker room. Three years ago I remember every casino had a poker room, no-limit tournaments every hour and some even had plans to add tables and dealers to their areas.

Definitely not the case today.

They’ve left now but earlier I was watching three Feral cats near the beach and the boardwalk. It was interesting to watch them. More interesting was to see some of the dynamics of these once domesticated cats. The trio seemed healthy and acting like normal cats; but I’ve noticed something about the feral cats that I hadn’t noticed before. They don’t look at human beings even after being called. I don’t blame them! It was pretty busy on the boardwalk today at one point I heard an excited child exclaim “Mommy, mommy look a boardwalk kitty.”


They certainly are boardwalk kitties. The facial expressions on the cats seemed to match that of the parent who is now surveying the scene over the boardwalk rail past a sign that says “Don’t feed the cats.”

Earlier I went over to the Amtrak station to see the Amtrak ACES train. It’s really quite impressive the equipment is luxurious and immaculate I think NJ Transit and the sponsoring casinos are doing a great job with this rail service. I think it should be interesting to see what the statistics are on highway, rail and bus access into Atlantic City and what the actual ridership is. I’ll guess at the $29.95 price point the rail can be successful over time. I’m thinking about this because I was reading in the Union Leader about statements made by former Senator Peter Burling about the proposed capitol corridor up into Concord. I thought I read Sen. Burling stating that the service could be self-sustaining “within three years.” I’d love to know how he arrives at this ambitious statement. Even if the State of NH owned the line, which it doesn’t and it were in reasonably good condition, which it isn’t, I think any statements of economic viability for passenger rail in New Hampshire is a clear example of fiction.

Now I think I see a sign that says “don’t feed the cats.”

On the subject of fictional accounts, this next rumor I’m hearing may or may not be true but I’ll share it anyway. It goes like this “If east coast casinos continue to expand and improve that this could severely impact the future of Las Vegas.” I think this makes sense. Consider where the demographic population of tourism to Las Vegas comes from.

The Northeast.