Guida for Congress?


Its looking like a few candidates are considering a run in the Second Congressional District. I won't list all of them and to what degree, or fundraising capability they might have in running for this seat. I'll let the political winds and market forces shape this one out.

But today I'm interested in if former State Representative Bob Guida will run for the U.S. Congress? I've looked at his website and credentials for the position. Former State Representative, commercial airline pilot, military, etc. What was missing and think should be answered is what his position(s) would be on the economy and the challenged and partially ravaged second congressional district.

I won't sit here and describe the economic conditions in places like Berlin and Nashua but how does a Republican candidate beat a Democrat in this race? I asked the former State Representative to describe his position and response to the closure of the papermills in Berlin and Groveton, as a part of this question I explained how Congressman Hodes had at least responded to the issues in Coos County and my belief that the remaining mill in Gorham is now open because of his actions.

Next, I tried to be proactive and consider economic development ideas for the future of New Hampshire. I asked Mr. Guida if he would support amending the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) to allow casino gaming inside Foreign Trade Zones. Currently, this is a restricted activity as are certain types of manufacturing or even any type of sales or retail activity. New Hampshire does have at least one Foreign Trade Zone in the Colebrook Industrial Park. Its in one building that I think would be too small for any type of casino gaming operation, including the demographics but I think there are other locations regionally that could be considered, as an example the entire city map of Lewiston-Auburn, Maine is designated as a Foreign Trade Zone. I think there are also some local and state sovereignty issues that might be enough to kill this idea but I wanted to at least ask a question to a potential congressional candidate about the future.

And with the next elections coming up what a future it will be.