Buried Under the Foreclosures


For whatever reason I keep hoping that this new NH Gambling Commission will do something productive for New Hampshire.

And today, I was once again disappointed.

Union Leader Newspaper. "Gambling panel looks at how state can come out a winner." Interesting selection of words. But for starters its location was in an even better place. Right behind three pages of home foreclosures. This is also interesting I think because the very commission is charged with studying the impact casino gambling and the whole direction of the article and the interest of the commission, as reported is about the money and financial aspects.

All the quotes are from the article which was written by Garry Rayno. My ideas follow.

"Commission member Rep. Jim Craig D-Manchester said he has heard the state loses a lot of money it should be collecting on charitable gaming operations. "My experience in the Legislature is that when we put something forward, we never spend the money to do these things properly." Craig said.

And where exactly would you hear this Rep. Craig? So is Rep. Craig saying that New Hampshire can't collect the money so expanded casino gambling should not be allowed?

While on the subject of gambling revenues if you notice they also didn't discuss the secondary revenue streams from expanded casino gambling for example restaurants, rooms attached to a casino. I don't think its unreasonable to believe that the NH rooms and meals tax would grow by at least 8-10% a year if expanded casino gambling were to be passed.

But I thought this whole discussion was supposed to be about the impact of the NH way of life.

The article continues on, "Economist Dennis Delay of the NH Center for Public Policy, which is working with the commission said the figures do not include what is spent gambling outside New England." I think this was the only quality material in this whole article. Lots of revenue is leaving New Hampshire. Why because the demand for gaming is there. I think its also interesting that this commission charged with representing all of New Hampshire is having all of its meetings in Concord instead of visiting the very areas of the state that it is supposed to be representing.

"The gaming commissions next meeting is October 6th when members will hear about gaming outside the state." I think some real questions will be answered by who attends this meeting. I'm cynical and I'll bet it will be heavily stacked with the following individuals.

Lincoln Park, R.I.- Tales of bankruptcy, poor market conditions and how expanded gaming isn't working in Rhode Island.  

Bangor Raceway and Slots- Again another tale showing how a single slots parlor located away from any major consumer market is impacting Maine in a negative way.

Ledyard, CT.- Possibly some public officials not directly connected with the casino. Like a town manager. The social ills will be well stated leaving the reader with the question, is it worth it?

I'm confident that there won't be a successful casino operator or corporation represented at this meeting including the long-term economic rationale which I think is unfortunate. New Hampshire could generate alot of needed revenue and enhance the state's tourist base through this venue.

Instead, what are we left with. Study commissions, more taxation and property foreclosures.

I've noticed Governor Lynch isn't smiling as much as he used to.

Live Free or Die.