Laredo Taco Company


Found this video about tacos. Taco Bell has a new location on the west side of Manchester. Somehow I think we're missing something in New Hampshire.

In any case, I came home from work tonight and tried to read the political section of the Union Leader. Guess this must be the new strategy. Deny access= more subscriptions. I don't think it will work. Perhaps for other sections like sports and the cartoons but not politics. I'm waiting for the day individuals are allowed to vote via their Apple I Phones and I Touch. I'll bet the turnout will be very low.

Sununu for 2011 or something like this is as much as I got on the Union Leader. When I first read this I tried to think of five things Sen. John E. Sununu did for New Hampshire either in the Congress or the U.S. Senate. I could only think of one.

He defeated Bob Smith.

This is certainly an achievement, defeating an incumbent member of the U.S. Senate but was the rest of his career as stellar? I haven't read the article in the Union Leader.

Source: 593 Films.