The Price of a Report


Just reading today's edition of the Concord Monitor and the piece about the newly created gaming study commission. I think it interesting to see the newest member, Mr. Lew Feldstein discuss social capital and how his position doesn't necessarily mean opposition to gaming.

Of course I was only sitting two feet away from him during his testimony before the Senate Finance Committee and his passionate arguments against all things gaming. This is the same hearing where the Union Leader basically portrayed the whole hearing being in opposition to expanded gaming while in fact I'd put the ratio at about 50/50.

Good, bad or indifferent Mr. Feldstein and his social capital arguments are now on the commission. But here is where I now think the real problem is:

", Lietz estimated the cost will be about $160,000, possibly more."

This quote is from the Concord Monitor article, where is this money going to come from? Beyond this the real question I'm now asking is the role of the person that had this idea in the first place. Governor Lynch.

What does Governor Lynch gain from all of this, if there is anything to be gained?

I'm opposed to this commission I think the very idea and the selection of the candidates is flawed and this is even before the discussion of the $160,000.00. From the onset, beyond the money there is a  also a major piece missing.

What do the NH voters want?

Again I'll come back to Governor Lynch and the question of exactly what could be accomplished for this $160,000.00 if they can get the money? Wouldn't it just be better to do a request for proposals and have some of the issues included in this request and see what comes back?