Faith About the Future


Thanks for reading my blog and the threads about the Sands Bethworks Casino.

This is a shot of the main entrance to the Sands Bethworks Casino. The glass structure houses the stairs and elevators to the newly constructed parking garage. All of the casino is currently on this floor right behind the Emiril Lagase restaurant which is seen in this picture. I also noticed something in this casino that I never seen in any other casino. The age entry requirement is 21 and they check IDs. My opinion this is a really nice casino with great food, great music and its important contribution to the local economy. If table games gets passed, I would definitely agree with the statement that "Las Vegas, Nevada could be in trouble."

Time will tell.

Speaking about time, in New Hampshire currently, I have no faith about the future. none.

I think the photos I took demonstrate, if nothing else, that something is at least happening in Pennsylvania and I think this creates hope and faith for the future. And state government has a role in the creation of this future.

And what is New Hampshire State Government doing?  

Today in the Union Leader I was reading about reality. Proposed income tax summits, appointment of judges, Speaker Norelli's trip to China, editorials from state workers about contract negotiations; and all completed with the daily dosage of crime across the state. Like I've stated previously, I have no faith in the state gaming commission and their attempt to define the impact of expanded casino gaming upon the way of life in New Hampshire. In case these individuals haven't noticed, this way of life is disappearing to be replaced with what.

Massachusetts? More taxes and more loss of jobs.....

Thanks again for reading my blog here on NHInsider.