Food Just Like in New Hampshire


This is a shot from downtown Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It was a really hot day at least in the 80s. My initial impressions of this area were very similar to being in New Hampshire places like Market Square in Portsmouth or Elm Street in Manchester. I’m looking west towards both the casino and the large Hotel Bethlehem both of which are unseen. The main street is filled with small bookstores; art shops a micro brewery and quite a few restaurants as well as few professional suites like lawyers and architects. I found the restaurants to be a bit pricey for what they were offering. For example linguine with a fine white sauce went for $9.95 plus tax. Recently, I found a great recipe on rachel for this same entrée I make it for about $3.50 and no tax. My thoughts about the art shops are of the same. They did have some quality art canvases for sale including some good shots of the Bethlehem Steel Mill in its full operation; I think this historic mill hit its high water mark sometime during world war two which was depicted in some of this art. But they wanted $850.00 for this painting. I’m no purveyor of art or have information if this price is negotiable, but it’s there in Bethlehem!

Later I’m going back to the Sands Bethworks Casino for starters they have AC and they also have some neat restaurants in the casino including and Emiril Lagase which I found to be very quality—the food is most excellent-really! I’m just wondering if the casino and downtown Bethlehem are going to complement each other in terms of tourism and general life in Bethlehem.  My quess is the casino itself the answer is no but the remainder of the master plan for the Sands Bethworks will.  

The question I’ll leave you with. Is New Hampshire any different than Pennsylvania?