Redevelopment and Jobs


This is a shot looking north on the ground of the Sands Bethworks Casino. I’m standing right in front of the casino and to my right (not in photo) is the construction of the towers as a part of the casino. The new building to my right is new construction or at least redevelopment of the old mill building. I understand this is to become a retail area.

The long building further down to the left if I’m remembering the master plan is to be a Museum of Industrial History sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. I’m unsure of the opening date or even when construction is to begin. Some of the other buildings as I understand are to house the television studios of a local PBS television affiliate as well as plans for the local community college to offer a hospitality management program.

This is redevelopment, jobs and taxbase!  

When I returned to New Hampshire one of the first things I did was to make an inquiry to Executive Councilor Ray Burton to ask what his official position was about the very idea of expanded casino gambling in New Hampshire. He did not respond.