Accepting the Circumstances.


It’s another freezing cold day here in New Hampshire. I’m here again at Border’s in Concord pursuing my interests ranging from intermodal transportation systems to chess and iron condor options trading. I’m also interested in the new three part book series about the Battle of Stalingrad called Armageddon in Stalingrad by David Glanz.

Pretty quiet here today neither Brittney Spears, Paris Hilton nor their consultants are here but there are however some interesting people present. Right next to me in the café section is a couple I’m assuming is engaged to be married. I’d say she’s about average in appearance she looks like an elementary school teacher or perhaps a loan officer at a bank. Very nice smile and she seems very happy at the idea of the wedding as she is describing the carriage ride from the stone church to the reception afterward and how the stone church has a special meaning for her and her fiancé who is sitting right next to her. He doesn’t seem as enthused about all of this as she is he’s more or less accepting what is said sitting there unshaven, wearing baggy sweatpants a Boston Red Sox uniform shirt, gold chain around his neck and a baseball hat on backwards. I’m wondering if he likes to listen to the ghetto pimp rapper P. Diddy and if he has the slightest fucking idea what the institution of marriage is and what all of this is about.  

I’m sipping my coffee it’s a cold day indeed. I’ve just learned that Seattle’s Best Coffee is actually a subsidiary of global coffee conglomerate Starbucks. I don’t think its corporate structure is organized as an LLC in New Hampshire so this is good. The coffee here is okay but not as quality as Dunkin Doughnuts. Meanwhile, not far from my thoughts is the State Senate District 16 race which is today, a strategic race that I think pits experience and substance against fluff, bluster and me first ambition. I’m hoping that the turnout for this primary is high and that the voters see through the fog towards the strength of the light.  

But political elections don’t always work out that way, do they NHInisders!

“I’ve been doing this quite awhile.” says the grey haired man sitting across from the match made in heaven couple. And I’ll have to give her a lot of credit not once through this entire conversation did she use the words exactly, really, absolutely or omg! She didn’t fidget with a blackberry either. And she quickly responds or least keeps it moving “Would it be possible to move the music under the canopy, they’ll be a lot of guests.” she says.  Grey hair replies “of course.” What else could he possibly say? Maybe the groom will offer to step in and spin a few records on this important day. I can almost hear him talk "Ya know what I'm saying." "Ya know what I'm sayyying." The conversation concludes the music for the wedding has been arranged.

Then she gets up to leave and as I quickly glance at her I see a reason why they’re getting married. And it’s clear that she has some organizational and communication skills.

That’s good because they may need them.