Louisiana Politics.


Hello NH Insiders! Did you miss me?

My guess is no but I’m going to keep posting anyway…

I’ve been busy and I guess that I’m still smarting from the recent defeat of former Rep. Terry Pfaff in the Senate District 16 race. The back of my mind kept telling me that the more experienced and qualified candidate would pull it out in the end against a candidate whose only qualification for this primary seemed to amount to his mouth spewing fluff and his pounding on 1000 doors. And though he won the whole campaign reminded me of when former Rep. Frank Sapareto ran for the Senate. I think the overall strategy can be summed up by the following:  a loudmouth bluff.  

I’m not sour grapes either I have no equity in this whole situation I live in State Senate District 1. And I’m not going to waste much of my time or yours by questioning what exactly the credentials are for the Republican candidate? Has he ever held a real job? What exactly did he do for the Department of Homeland Security? I think former Rep. Pfaff also showed what a professional he is in his concession statements to the Union Leader he termed the campaign of his opponent of exactly what it is and then stated that it’s now his race to either win or lose. And true to form the first thing the opponent did on winning the primary was to attack the Democratic candidate. Forget the issues, forget what he would do if he is elected and forget the future of New Hampshire and Senate District 16- simply attack. I think the voters are going to be getting what they paid for on this one. I’ll leave this one with where is Frank Sapareto today? And more importantly, what did he do for his senate district?

For some reason I’m thinking about Louisiana right now. And more specifically, food that I really like that I can’t get here in New Hampshire. And this is the Shrimp Po Boy sandwich. And it rocks! Ingredients: Shrimp, creole sauce, onions, spicy mustard, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, cornmeal, flower, tomatoes on a hard French roll.  And yes, I have tried to make this on my own. It isn’t the same as being in the French Quarter in New Orleans where I first discovered how awesome this is. The Texas Holdem games at Harrah’s aint half bad either.


Source: Trucker Steve TV.