Chairlift Conversation.


Please notice that I’m saying chairlift conversation instead of cocktail conversation maybe when I’m done posting this it will all be the same.

I’m over here in Killington Ski Area in Killington, Vermont. This is only the second time I’ve ever skied here so it’s new and it’s a challenge. I think the right title for the thread should be gondola conversation as that’s where most of the conversations occurred but it’s all politics and as I’ve heard said, “its all good.” So myself and a couple of my friends are riding up the high-speed gondola to start the five mile run to the bottom, its an overcast day but the temperature is good and the conditions are awesome. It’s a light powder that has been machine groomed making for some good carving and fast runs. We’re discussing cars as small talk we all drive Subaru’s and we’re talking about various aspects of how well these vehicles do in the New England winter climate, an older grey haired gentlemen is with us he joins in the conversation and says that he owns a Honda and explains how well the Honda does.

The high-speed gondola continues on quickly thumping past a tower and by now we have a view of the surrounding mountains and snow glazed trees the conversation turns to where we’re all from I answer New Hampshire and the gentlemen says that he lives in Killington full time as he has a condo here. They have some nice condos here but my mind quickly moves to a question which I asked to the Honda driving condo owner. “Did the secessionist movement ever gain any traction?” I say assuming this individual knows what I’m talking about. Killington had actually entertained leaving Vermont and joining New Hampshire. And I got the response, “It’s a good idea but Vermont politicians are god’s gift to society.” he says. Then after a quick split second pause he says “Especially Howard Dean.” This is interesting I’m thinking, Killington collects both a general sales tax and a local sales tax so I can’t imagine any politician in Montpelier wanting to give this up at least not willingly. By now we’re at the mid-mountain loading area and the gondola makes an incremental slow down, a Bob Marley look alike is standing on the platform holding a Burton snowboard but strangely he doesn’t make an attempt to get on. I’m thinking he’s a Buffalo soldier. A real rasta man.

So now we’re moving again to the upper reaches of Killington my friends are studying the pocket maps of Killington which is updated daily with the black lines on the maps showing which trails are open. The sun is now making a feeble attempt to emerge from the clouds but it doesn’t happen. I'm not meteroligist but it seems to me that cirrus clouds are drifting though the sky at about 15 miles per hour.


To Be Continued… probably tomorrow.