Do Something


Two announcements have been made in the past two days that show how New Hampshire is lacking as nearby states move ahead.

The first announcement was from Maine where officials including the congressional delegation announced the extension and funding for the expansion of the Amtrak Downeaster from Portland, Maine up to Brunswick. This project has been in the proposal stage for some time it’s expected to create about 200 new jobs at least initially, I think this number will be higher once the full weight of the project and revitalization comes to bear.

The second announcement is from Vermont where Congressman Peter Welsh announced a $50 million dollar grant to be used to upgrade the trackage of the Amtrak Vermonter that runs from St. Albans down through White River Junction to Brattleboro and eventually Springfield, Mass and Washington, D.C.

Both of these rail projects are going to be positive for transportation and creating jobs. The Portland project is going to be interesting because the train is going to be routed north of Portland though a place called Woodford Corners, an area that isn’t blight or section 8 housing but an area of Portland that needs something. The Vermont project has been needed for some time the tracks are owned by freight carrier New England Central Railroad and their upgrade will enable this freight carrier to offer better and more competitive service to their customers which will create jobs.

Other than press releases what is New Hampshire doing? I’m thinking of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and his statements right after Katrina “We don’t need any more god dam press releases, we need some help down here.”

No more god dam press releases.