Les Otten for Governor.


When I first heard this I really didn’t believe it.

But then as thought about it quickly decided that it makes sense. And this sense is an experienced businessman that is running for Governor of Maine. I think his ads one of which is below demonstrate that there is substance to this campaign.

As a skier I can state with experience that Sunday River ski area in Newry, Maine is a great ski area and that Sunday River has and never seems to forget customer service in its operations. What sticks out in my mind is how attentive Sunday River is to details such as giving out free boot carriers and placing enough racks to put skis on and at good locations. This is above and beyond what other ski areas in New England do. I’m not going to start a discussion about customer service at Cannon Mountain; I think under state direction it’s on par to going to getting a New Hampshire drivers license renewed. Isn’t this a fun experience you look forward to?  

I’ve only met Mr. Otten on one occasion and I found leadership. It was at a ski area information session at Bretton Woods ski area which featured various executives and officials from DRED including then Commissioner, Steve Rice. The forum was about some of the challenges ski areas face in their capital intensive operations against the cyclical and at times volatile consumer tourism markets, not to mention the weather!  Think Snow.

In any case Commissioner Rice got up and bleated fluff  about all that New Hampshire does. And I remember Mr. Otten calmly and professionally cutting through the fluff with a surgeon’s knife as he said “Get off our back. Just leave us alone.” Later I would hear that New Hampshire was leaning on the ski areas to increase their insurance coverages for certain types of liability; and this was eating into an already thin profit margin which was then between 6-7%. I’ll never forget the expression on the DRED commissioner’s face after hearing this, a rat’s face that said: “Somebody tell me what to do.”

I think Les Otten would be a good choice for Governor of Maine.


Source: UTUBE.