Pay The Lumper.


About seven weeks ago I left New Hampshire to begin a new adventure as an over the road truck driver. I've been training these last several weeks and soon I'll be running solo throughout the U.S.

So far, I've been to locations across the United States where, similar to New Hampshire campaign signs are apparant and promising many things. In any case I'm at a Pilot truckstop right now after driving across the west, I was going to use this blog to detail my expereinces with lumpers. Lumpers are individuals that are paid to either load or unload trucks sometimes both. I think some of the circumstances surrounding the hiring of lumpers is most interesting, if not political.

But I'm going to leave this one for another day. I'm headed for some needed sleep. Thanks for reading my blog here on and I hope that you'll stay tuned for my future adventures in this great country.