Layoffs At The Lodge.


So anyway I’m driving across the U.S. bringing turkeys from locations on the west coast to major metropolitan cities in the northeast. It’s an interesting experience. Right now I’m right outside of Chicago at a massive refrigerated distribution center waiting to unload this depending on the traffic can take several hours.

In any case everywhere I go Illinois as one example the casino developers are in swing and developing their properties which in turn is creating taxbase and jobs.

And what is happening in New Hampshire?

Today I’m reading about the end of simulcasting at the Lodge at Belmont. This includes the laying off of employees there. It wasn’t long ago that in the main lobby of the track there was an architect’s rendering of what an expanded Lodge at Belmont would look like if the legislature passed expanded casino gaming.

Instead… New Hampshire gets.

Why is it that every other state like Illinois, Pennsylvania and even Wyoming can successfully allow expanded casino gaming and New Hampshire can’t?

Something is clearly wrong here.