Cold Mountain


Happy Thanksgiving!

I guess the holiday has a different meaning for me this year since I’m now part of the supply chain that feeds it. Perhaps literally.

In any case about a month ago I found myself transiting across the United States to a rural area of Missouri to a place called Stone Mountain. I figured it would be a typical refrigerated warehouse—a box with a bunch of freezers and electric pallet jacks moving ninety miles an hour almost running truck drivers over. So I end up on this rural road in Missouri much similar to where I’m from in northern New Hampshire and I don’t see the place: that is until I come up to a mountain. This cold storage is literally inside of the mountain! So I ended up delivering this load of Butterball Turkeys some if not all have likely found their way onto the tables of families celebrating Thanksgiving.

So what does this have to do with New Hampshire politics? Probably not much except some of the C.B. conversation I heard in this southern state. My impression of Missouri: The heart of the confederacy is still alive, country and religion is important and Osama Bin Laden and President Obama is essentially the same person. I don’t know if this description fits all Missourians but this is at least what I’ve overheard in my time there. I’ve also never heard any conversation like this in all my time in New Hampshire, including politics.

Right now it’s Thanksgiving and I’m in sunny and warm Tampa, Florida headed east tomorrow with a load for a major supermarket chain: not butterball turkeys though; think the next season is upon us. Thanks for reading my blogs and

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! 


Dubstep: Where is my Money.