Keynesian Nightmare.


So I’m up here in Green Bay, Wisconsin getting ready to head south with a big cheese load to the Commonwealth of Virginia; a lot of snow is moving in which should make things most interesting. I just passed a billboard sign for the Northstar Casino-- chalk up Wisconsin as another state that has added expanded casino gaming into its social and tourist economies.

Meanwhile in New Hampshire…

I was reading a recent article in the Concord Monitor about the upcoming Republican control of the legislature and am left thinking that if any of it is true than the words Keynesian nightmare come into reality. The article written by Meg Heckman was about possible budget cuts and what the effect of this could mean. The spokesman for this, or least the spokesman in this article is the experienced Rep. Neil Kirk a former Finance Chairman and long-term legislator that clearly knows the political ropes and how it’s done in Concord.

The essence of the article reads like this: upcoming budget cycle to state programs and Rep. Kirk saying to the effect that it is the individual that is ultimately in control of his/her own destiny.


Perhaps the 1500 papermakers that have lost their jobs in Coos County and the thousands of unemployed across the state should be told this. Cuts will be made programs will be slashed and where the future will be. If Rep. Kirk is an example of what to expect in the upcoming legislative session I can say only one thing.

Troubled waters ahead New Hampshire.