NH Polo Clubs.


Commissioner George Bald has been renominated for his position at DRED.

With the economic conditions and rising unemployment in New Hampshire I’m now questioning why. I’m from northern New Hampshire and I’ve had a front row seat to the decline and fall of the paper industry and the thousands of jobs that have been lost. This is followed by many smaller businesses either closing, laying off or treading on thin ice. And then there is Cannon Mountain the crown jewel of the state park system.

Today I tried to contact Executive Councilor Ray Burton about this nomination and perhaps to gain some insight into the performance of Commissioner George Bald who, from my vantage point hasn’t done anything for New Hampshire except collect a comfortable state salary and professionally explain why things can’t be done. It was my intention to ask Councilor Burton if he supports this nomination and what Commissioner Bald has done to justify this nomination and being confirmed by the Executive Council. I never got the chance to do this.

The home office line of Burton was busy all morning and into the afternoon. At this point I decided to contact the Executive Council Chambers and at least leave a message as I’ve done in the past. So I dialed the number to the Statehouse 271-3632 and got an answer. I explained the reality and got the response from the female voice “we don’t take messages, I don’t know what the schedule of the Executive Council is or when I’ll see Councilor Burton again.” she says.  Then she went on say I’d suggest you try to send an e-mail if that is possible.” I’m thinking about an expletive as she’s finishing this.

In any case I’m thinking that it’s likely to be smooth sailing for the Bald nomination. Politically, Bald is known, stable and my experience is that in the halls and committee rooms of the statehouse facts like over 1000 people losing their jobs, increasing statewide unemployment and red ink dripping over Cannon Mountain like chocolate on an ice cream sundae doesn’t attract much interest or attention.  Does anyone in the statehouse really even care? Its like going to a polo club and asking the members what life is like for people who live under interstate highway bridges.

I'm sure it would be hard for them to understand. It's a different world.  

In the past several weeks I’ve written about some of the projects happening in Vermont, Maine and New York State. I’m confident that these projects will lead to quality economic development and jobs.

Too bad the same isn’t happening in New Hampshire.


 Source: VNV Nation-Nemesis.