Espresso Shots Don't Work.


This post is about the State Senate District 16 race but somehow espresso has entered into the room.

I’ll start by saying that I’m a long-term Dunkin Doughnuts coffee drinker. But over the last year something has happened to their coffee. Somehow its different, it’s no longer the rich coffee I’ve long been accustomed to instead it’s become a $1.85 styrofoam cup of pasty sugared milk as the coffee is drowned out by everything else. Lacking in body and substance, I’d now put Dunkin Doughnuts coffee at the realm of a McDonald’s hamburger.

Enter the question of what to have as the morning drink, a waker- upper. So I tried an espresso shot and this doesn’t work. It tastes like anti-freeze and even with a reasonable chaser the espresso taste is still right there. I’m thinking that there are other Dunkin Doughnuts coffee drinkers out there and the news is that I’ve found a good substitute for this mass produced franchise coffee.

Starbucks Coffee makes a Double Shot with Energy+ Coffee. It has Guarana, Ginsing and B Vitamins. It’s 15 oz. and comes in vanilla and mocha flavors. Its description reads “premium energy coffee drink.” And it is this.

To consider the State Senate District race I think any rational human being needs a strong cup of coffee. The espresso shot would work here. I think lacking in body in substance is an accurate description of the Republican candidate. Basically all that is being said: “I don’t support taxes.” Notice there is no substance, no explanation, no strategy and no ideas as to what he would do for New Hampshire. I’m surprised he didn’t get up and proclaim that he supports guns!!!! After all it is a constitutional right in a state that will soon be buckling under the weight of debt, social issues, unemployment and the lack of decisive leadership. Meanwhile, every surrounding state is inching forward with progress. I think the candidate really showed his cards with his statement about expanded casino gaming; and especially the revenue part.

And this person wants to be a member of the State Senate.


Source:  a-shot-of-espresso by Dooner Livingstone.