Councilor Burton did finally return my messages relative to the nomination of George Bald to be DRED Commissioner. I’m not really happy with the answer I got. Basically the answer was that Bald does a good job with many tasks. But Burton did state that my concerns would be forwarded to the DRED Commissioner for response.

I hope that he does respond.

Then I started thinking about the nomination itself and why there doesn’t appear to be any real interest in what is happening. Unemployment in New Hampshire is at the double digits whether it’s official or not, every small business in the state faces challenges from cash flow to taxation; and Cannon Mountain continues to the crown jewel of the state park system and a model on how to run a ski area.

Meanwhile, major capital projects move forward in Maine, Vermont, and New York State and in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Besides the Governor the DRED Commissioner is one of the most powerful positions within state government yet, there is no public hearing scheduled and no well-educated editorialists appear to be looking at any of these dreadful facts or what is happening in New Hampshire.

Then they’re the DRED organization itself, a Director of Economic Development that has been in interim for how long? With the importance of taxbase and creating jobs for New Hampshire is it not reasonable to have a fulltime appointed person in this office that is achieving real results.

And the list continues on…

The Office of International Commerce. Why does New Hampshire even need this? What exactly has this office and its Director, Dawn Wivell done for New Hampshire? I’ve never seen Ms. Wivell in northern New Hampshire.

Does Maine and Vermont have an Office of International Commerce? I checked I don’t think they do. Maine had one in Portland but when the federal grant funds ran out it was closed. In Vermont all the major initiatives involving international trade appear to be directed by the Office of the Lt. Governor, who I know is very effective in this role.

To Be Continued…