The Significance of Six Million.


So former Representative David Boutin has been sworn in as the Senator from District 16. I don’t think this is going to make any real significance on the ground but the voters have spoken and my opinion is clearly biased.

The Republican party and its many analysts are calling the Boutin victory as a sign of elections to come. Time will tell. Especially in the Republican primaries.

Senator Boutin ran a campaign characterized by a lot of door pounding, letters from supporters including former Congressman Charlie Bass and statements about “getting people back to work.” These are certainly themes that play well with the voters and to anyone that is contemplating unemployment, home foreclosure and the upcoming menu at the local soup kitchen.

These are challenging times indeed.

The elections are now over and now it’s time for Senator Boutin to start delivering on what he campaigned on. A really good place to start is the issue at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport and the idea of tolling the access road to generate a reported six million dollars. Former State Representative and Manchester Alderman Jackie Domaingue wrote a recent article in the Union Leader in which she described the issues as being hell freezing over before any real or serious action is taken on this issue by Manchester officials including Mayor Gatsas and the Airport Manager. I think Senator Boutin could be effective here, or at the very least his office should take a position on whether to support the tolls or not.

I also hope that former Rep. Terry Pfaff is closely watching the performances and promises of Senator Boutin. It would be really neat to watch the new Senator get trounced in the next primary.

So much for the campaigns, analysis and saying anything to get elected.