LNG from Yemen.


Recently there has been some concern about Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tankers arriving in Boston from Yemen. This move has been approved by the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Office in Boston. And I think that Mayor Menino is right.

“What about the safety of the people.” the Mayor said.

The issue revolves around the safety of bringing an explosive commodity into the metro area of Boston. The news media is reporting the various studies that have been done and of course it’s from different perspectives namely, the shipper, the Coast Guard and the LNG terminal facility itself. Of course the parties on the cash flow side of the supply chain say it’s safe and on the other side of the fence that it isn’t.

The LNG itself is from Yemen.

Part of the concern that I’m reading is that there has been limited to no communication between the various agencies. For example the Boston Fire Department didn’t get any information from the terminal on the specifications of the LNG shipment so they were unable to create a response plan. At least this is what is said in the media including WCVB TV in Boston.

“What about the safety of the people.”- Mayor Menino.

And it’s not like alternatives exist to bringing LNG shipments into Boston because they do. There is an LNG terminal in Newington, NH that would be safer than Boston and safer still would be to offload the volatile commodity in Halifax, Nova Scotia where I understand that Irving Oil Company is constructing a state of the art LNG transfer facility that is not only in a remote location but will be safer and more efficient than the LNG facilities that are currently available in New England. I wonder if the U.S. Coast Guard considered the safety of the people when it approved this transaction.

My experience is that they didn’t. Does the term "facilitating commerce." have any meaning. It should. It also means business as usual.

Semper Paratus.