A Long Dry Spell


Still from Killington…

One of the signs leading into Killington terms the ski area The Vail of the East. This is only the second time I’ve ever skied at Killington and before today I really never understood what this means. Well now I do.

From the skier perspective, it’s the length of the actual runs. The runs at Killington average about 3-4 miles and one is actually over five miles. Even Cannon and Wildcat which have some significant trails are the closest, I think to Killington in terms of length of the runs. So I ended up skiing most of the day on the hard packed machine surface that was at least until the massive snow squalls started descending over the region. The environment changes very rapidly, snow frozen surfaces are quickly transformed into fluffy white powder which, nice to ski in made it a little bit tougher especially in the shins right above my ski boots. But we’re continuing on. It gets to about 3:30 and the darkness begins to descend over the whole area. By now I’m basically exhausted, the snow is coming down my legs are tired the kids on snowboards are clipping by like there’s no tomorrow and now I’m having painful visions of what’s it going to be like trying to take my ski boots off.  Just then as I’m thinking that the darkness will prevail one of my friends says two words that completely transformed the whole situation from darkness to light.

Hot tub.

It’s amazing how two words can transform a whole situation. The same is true in New Hampshire politics. One of the masters of saying the right thing at the right time was former Democratic Minority Leader Rick Twombly who would often speak on the floor of the house about issues that face everyone, the people of New Hampshire. Right place at the right time and more often than not this would often provoke thought that would change the course of the debate, legislation, etc. I think some of this is needed right now as I’m watching on WMUR the Commissioner of Health & Human Service talk about cuts in programs to close the budget deficit. I don’t think the Commissioner is displaying any real emotions about what is going to happen to real NH people when these cuts are made in areas like: single parents, addiction among others. I’m confident that the results here are going to be dreadful and issues that won’t be resolved with two words. I’m actually surprised that the NH legislature is allowing the cuts at NH Health & Human Services to move forward. Maybe they need to be talking or hear some testimony from former Democratic Leader Rick Twombly. Or at least be talking to some of the people and families that are facing the cuts.

Later I emerged from an outdoor hot tub at Killington my friends and I decided to head downtown. Where there is a lot to choose from, and unlike Vail in the west it relatively affordable and this is where I would hear of some of the challenges that face Killington in this downturn economy. I ended up at the really neat sports bar called moguls. As you might imagine it has everything a sports bars has: widescreens, pool tables, etc. But on this freezing cold night they were getting ready for my favorite Texas Holdem. I’d love to say that I turned the felt on fire and raked in a few pots but that didn’t happen. By now I’m too tired to even think about suited connectors instead I settled for a charbroiled Angus Burger and some fries but I would hear about the dry season in Killington and why this is becoming more of a challenge as each year passes.

To be continued…