East Towards New Hampshire


Last Report from Killington…

Alright so I’m here at Moguls in Killington and I hear some of the challenges facing the resort area. Chief among these is the end of ski season and the start of the economic dry spell in this area of Vermont.

“Clearly the summer season there isn’t the tourism or the draw for the people to come here.” said an individual sitting near the bar area whose name I can’t now remember. I was tempted to ask about the succession movement to NH and if casino gaming had ever been considered to improve the variability in the seasons and namely, the revenue from the seasons. But I didn’t I was too tired and I really didn’t want to overturn an apple cart with criticism of politics and policy in Vermont. I think Vermont is doing a quality job on a number of issues, examples include rail transportation and foreign trade iniatives and much better than New Hampshire. And with the multimillion dollar condos I’ve seen on the hillsides surrounding Killington. If there are structural issues with tourism in this area of the world it certainly isn’t apparent on the surface.

Disadvantages of listening to people in bars. I learned this in the NH House especially at some of the after session events hosted by lobbyists in the bars and eateries on and around North Main Street.  I think the lobbyists in some of these situations can be best described as vipers. But this is a story for another day…

So the next morning I headed back to New Hampshire. By now its sub zero temperatures and I’m glad I got in the skiing when I did. I’m headed east on route 4 towards I-89 and Lebanon, NH I think I’m in Rockingham, Vermont or at least just before Woodstock and I spot the Long Trail Ale Beer Brewery on my right it looks like a very efficient operation and their must have been about 40 cars in the parking area around the old wood frame building; I’m thinking this is important because not only is local jobs in a local economy but its manufactured right here and not in Belgium.

Not that the Europeans make a bad beer.