It's Not That Bad


In a post below a person named Leigh McNeil decries how bad things here are in New Hampshire and why the tax on LLC Corporations is bad policy. McNeil doesn’t offer much of an insight as to what areas in New Hampshire are being described as “boarded up windows and for lease signs.”

I don’t think it’s anywhere as bad as what's being described in this post.

I’m from northern New Hampshire and I had a front row seat to the decline and fall of the paper industry in Coos County this was and is closely followed by what remained of the machine tool industry including a bankruptcy filing last week by Gorham based Steel Elements Inc. which is in the steel fabrication business. Thousands of jobs have been lost.

In his post Mr. McNeil blames government he doesn’t like the LLC tax and he cites the cyclical consumer based automotive business as an example of what is wrong with New Hampshire. Instead of blaming state government and policymakers, I think Mr. McNeil should have taken the time to consider what is going right and how this will lead to the future of New Hampshire. One example of this is tourism. Even with the downturn economy I think when the tourism numbers come in they will be substantial. This is good where a door slams a window opens. I think New Hampshire should be doing everything it can to continue to support this industry. I’ve spent enough time on this board arguing for expanded casino gaming and what this would do for taxbase and needed revitalization including the boarded up windows and the for sale signs.

I don’t support increased taxation in any form including the LLC tax but until New Hampshire finds another revenue source these types of discussions are going to continue and at this point it I think it’s irresponsible for anyone to say that the state budget can be cut. If you believe I’m wrong please feel to describe exactly where it can be cut and how this would be done. This has nothing to do with big government or a center of power in Concord.  

It’s reality.