Racino Pilot Program


Governor Lynch has stated exactly what I was thinking earlier in the week about the politics that is really behind the very idea(s) of expanding casino gaming in New Hampshire. The three term governor has stated that it isn’t possible to have a pilot program for expanded casino gaming. The casinos are either here or they aren’t.

I’ll start by saying I really can’t blame Gov. Lynch for taking this position. He is opposed to the idea of bringing casinos into New Hampshire and doesn’t want to go down in history as the person that was responsible. There is no question that New Hampshire would be a different place if expanded casino gaming were enacted into law but the question but I’m still asking if it would it be a necessarily bad place.

Chester, Pennsylvania.

This community is just south of Philadelphia right off I-95 and alongside the Delaware River and the tracks of the Amtrak Northeast Corridor. Chester has seen a better day. When I first visited the newly opened racino it reminded me of some of the poorer neighborhoods in Baltimore. Poor, black, section 8 and burned out buildings. The roadway leading up to the racino is better. There are some light industrial buildings, like a canned goods manufacturer and a newer looking correctional facility right across from the parking garage at the racino itself. I’ve already talked about the racino itself in a previous blog back in August so I won’t waste your time now. But after considering the position of Governor Lynch am questioning if a expanded casino gaming pilot program could be applicable and more importantly, successful  in New Hampshire.

I don’t think it could be. Governor Lynch is right once it’s here it’s here and there is no turning back. But after looking at the financial statements from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania of the total revenue generated by gaming and what this means for the state treasury can’t help but to question if New Hampshire policymakers couldn’t be doing more in considering expanded casino gaming for New Hampshire.